Wigs Care

1.Shedding Issues: If you found some hair shedding, no worry, our wigs must have enough hair, please allow some hair loss from a new wig. If it continue to shed, please inform us. 

2.Remove Tangles: Your fingers are good comb for wigs, use your fingers to comb it at the beginning, you can gently remove any tangles by hands too (or even cut it off).  A wide tooth comb/brush is good for a wig. (Iron and steel wide teeth comb are recommended while plastic comb may create static electricity).  Do not pull or drag the fiber.

3.Handwash: Hand wash the wig if necessary, don't put it into machine, comb it to make it smooth before you wash it.

4.Wash Gently: Use cold water (never hot, as heat damages fibers), or add a little bit shampoo, soak it for around 15 mins, and then use clean water to wash the shampoo out, you can use conditioner too. (Put it on a towel to make it dry softly, don't squeeze/ rub it, and finally, dry it naturally, don't put it under sunshine/ blow it, and don’t comb it when it’s still wet.

5.No Dryer: Never use a hair dryer, heat damages synthetic fiber.

6.Dyeing: Real human hair can be dyed, and synthetic wigs cannot, if you use hair straightener or roller, please set a temperature around 120-140C, and no more than 7 seconds each time.